Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Emma Sherratt

Dr. Emma Sherratt, University of Adelaide

“I am an expert in morphometrics - the statistical analysis of organismal form (shape and size), which I apply to the study of morphological evolution at macroevolutionary scales. I also use these method to answer questions pertaining to systematics and phylogenetics, biogeography, environmental adaptation, developmental biology and palaeontology.” … read more about Emma

Michael Whitehead

Dr. Michael Whitehead, University of Melbourne

“My research aims to see the world from a plant’s perspective, to better understand not only plant ecology, but also the behaviour and ecology of the animals and fungi with which they interact. I work on some of the most fascinating examples of plant evolution in some of the world’s most renowned hotspots for plant biodiversity. For example, I have worked on sexual mimicry in Australian orchids, specialized orchid-fungi relationships in south-west Australia, and the incredible long-tongue fly of South Africa.” … read more about Michael


3rd plenary goes to the AES Early Career Researcher Award winner

Preliminary Schedule

24th Nov Welcome Reception
25th Nov Australasian Evolution Society - Scientific Program
26th Nov Australasian Evolution Society - Scientific Program
27th Nov Australasian Evolution Society - Scientific Program