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25th Nov Australasian Evolution Society - Scientific Program
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AES 2019 program


AES 2019 abstracts

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(Disclaimer: please note - this is mainly for orientation - if you’re not sure which talks to see - MAY CONTAIN MISTAKES!)

Plenary Speakers

Emma Sherratt

Dr. Emma Sherratt, University of Adelaide

“I am an expert in morphometrics - the statistical analysis of organismal form (shape and size), which I apply to the study of morphological evolution at macroevolutionary scales. I also use these method to answer questions pertaining to systematics and phylogenetics, biogeography, environmental adaptation, developmental biology and palaeontology.” … read more about Emma

Michael Whitehead

Dr. Michael Whitehead, University of Melbourne

“My research aims to see the world from a plant’s perspective, to better understand not only plant ecology, but also the behaviour and ecology of the animals and fungi with which they interact. I work on some of the most fascinating examples of plant evolution in some of the world’s most renowned hotspots for plant biodiversity. For example, I have worked on sexual mimicry in Australian orchids, specialized orchid-fungi relationships in south-west Australia, and the incredible long-tongue fly of South Africa.” … read more about Michael

Oliver Griffith

Dr. Oliver Griffith, University of Melbourne AES Early Career Researcher Award winner

“My research uses wildlife models to address critical questions in ecology and evolution. Most notably, I aim to address how mutation and selection support the evolution of complex traits in animals such as the evolution of new organs. To achieve this, my research integrates genomics, developmental biology, ecology, and ecophysiology using terrestrial vertebrates. My current projects use genetic, genomic, and cell biology techniques to identify how complex components of pregnancy have evolved. This includes the evolution of placental nutrient transfer, maternal – fetal signalling, and the beneficial aspects of inflammation during pregnancy.” … read more about Oliver

2019 AES Student Plenaries

Emily Roycroft, University of Melbourne

2019 AES Student Research Award for the publication:

Roycroft, E.J., A. Moussalli, K.C. Rowe. 2019.
Phylogenomics Uncovers Confidence and Conflict in the Rapid Radiation of Australo-Papuan Rodents.
Systematic Biology in press

Damien Esquerré, Australian National University

2019 AES Student Research Award for the publication:

Esquerré, D., I.G. Brennan, R.A. Catullo, F. Torres‐Pérez, J. S. Keogh. 2019.
How mountains shape biodiversity: The role of the Andes in biogeography, diversification, and reproductive biology in South America’s most species‐rich lizard radiation (Squamata: Liolaemidae).
Evolution 73: 214-230

Erin Macartney, University of New South Wales

2019 AES Student Research Award for the publication:

Macartney, E.L., A. J. Crean, S.Nakagawa, R. Bonduriansky. 2019.
Effects of nutrient limitation on sperm and seminal fluid: a systematic review and meta‐analysis.
Biological Reviews in press