AusEvo 2023

Thank you everyone who participated at the 2023 AusEvo conference in Adelaide (13-15 of December)! It was three fantastic three days of science, amazing talks, and catch ups.

Congratulations to the following student presentation awardees!

Arludo Best Talk prize:

Patrice Pottier (UNSW)

Top 5 awesome talks (no particular order):

Patra Petrohilos (Uni Sydney) Caitlin Creak (UNSW) Fabian Camilo Saldado Roa (Uni Melbourne) Daniela Wilner (UNSW) Christopher Barker (Uni Sydney)

Aubrey Keirnan (Flinders Uni)

Conference bingo

Lachlan King
Lachlan get to keep the conference chicken as a prize!

Congratulations to our 2023 AES Best Paper Award recipients!

Postgraduate category

Dr. Claudia Crowther

Crowther, C., Bonser, S. P., & Schwanz, L. E. (2023). Plasticity and the adaptive evolution of switchlike reaction norms under environmental change. Evolution Letters, qrad035.

Postdoc category

Dr. Samuel Lymbery

Lymbery, S. J., Webber, B. L., & Didham, R. K. (2023). Complex battlefields favor strong soldiers over large armies in social animal warfare. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(37), e2217973120.