A PhD project is available from 2018 in David Chapple’s Evolutionary Ecology of Environmental Change research group at Monash University. The Chapple Lab uses field studies, field- and lab-based experiments, comparative analyses, morphological analyses and molecular approaches to examine the impact of past, current, and future environmental change on phenotype, life-history and distribution, with squamate reptiles as model systems.

The successful student will be able to develop a project in one the lab’s two main research areas:

  • Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology of the Delicate skink (Lampropholis delicata).
  • Lizard Macroecology.

See the full advertisement for further details. Interested students should email their CV, academic record, and research interests to Assoc. Prof. David Chapple (david.chapple[at]monash.edu) by Friday 13th October 2017.